Men’s Health

Prescription Specialties can help men of all ages with a variety of health issues they may face.


Women’s Health

Hormones have a powerful effect on one’s body. When hormones are unbalanced, it can cause discomfort.



All parents want the best for their children. Precription Specialties can help make taking medications easier.


Sports Medicine

Sitting on the sidelines of life because of chronic pain can be not only physically, but emotionally draining.



JJ’s Prescription Specialties offers a full range of services, a compassionate environment and the skilled team you’re looking for to meet your family’s prescription and supplemental needs.

We are a full-service pharmacy that also serves as a specialty as well as a compounding pharmacy. This means we bring total pharmaceutical care to our patients and become an active component to your healthcare team.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we establish a strong working relationship with your physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Our team can customize pharmaceuticals to fit most patients needs and for many disease states while staying current with the best medications to treat chronic health conditions.


Prescription Specialties goes above and beyond for our patients. They take the time to research, call our patients, and have even helped transition patients to other pharmacies due to insurance plans.

R. Fenetz, RN, Oncology

My daughter takes 5 meds daily. Prescription Specialties calls ME every month to remind me about refills! Thank you JJ and your team for helping keep me stress free!

Britini, Mother of Special Needs Infant

JJ's Prescription Specialties is a dedicated pharmacy with old-fashioned values and commitment to serving! When we need a special medication compounded, JJ's does the research and makes certain that safety is assured.

G.A., RN, Pulmonology

Excellence is the defining characteristic of every product and service that JJ's Prescription Specialties provides! They are an enormous help with medication adherence. JJ's is simply the best!

Karla Weir, Medical Case Manager